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Reading Marketing Shares.

Reading Market Share Information using U.S. Business Reporter.

Geodemographic data profiles and classifies consumers according to the type of residential area in which they live.Information is culled from a variety of sources and merged to create a deep analysis of consumer buying behavoir and patterns to assist marketers, business planners, and financial analysts with information for planning marketing programs, campaigns, site evaluations, and to better allocate production resources.

Every year the Bureau of Economic Analysis releases new personal income data for every county in the U.S. This data is the best source of intercensal income estimates.


To use U.S. Business Reporters' geodemographic data base, you should have a fundamental understanding of marketing data and terms.

For example, If an industry has a market size of $880 million in annual sales at retail and a company loses 1.0 % of the market, that would represent an $8.8 million dollar sales loss. However, if the industry is growing at a market expansion rate of 1.03 % per year, then this would result in a market size of $906.4 million at retail ($880.0 x 1.03% = $906.4 million). USBR will deduct the 1 percent market share from this figure ($906.4M x 1.0 = $9.06M). The company would have a total market share dollar loss of $9.06 million.