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MID: Marketing Information Database

The U.S. Business Reporter Marketing Information Database (MID) is a proprietary marketing information system developed to analyze product markets and categories. MID is a separate report of each product and service category in business. The information is categorized into 5 major areas as follows: (1) Market value, (2) Market Forecast, (3) Market sector, (4) Market share , and (5) Market Commentary. Each section (with the exception of market share) is linked to each other to give readers a complete report of a specific market. In addition, MID reports gives readers a brief commentary report to help in analyzing the information.

How can I use the USBR Marketing Information Database (MID)?

There are wide variety of uses for this highly valuable information. Companies can use the information and data to plan sales, make adjustments to production, plan /organize resources more effectively. Market planners can use the information to better plan marketing strategy. Investment analysts can use the information to help in making investment decisions. Economic planners can use the information to help prepare economic forecasts. College students can use the information to develop college term papers and reports.