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Reading Marketing Tables

Reading and Understanding Marketing Tables.

This guide will give you information on how to analyze the marketing tables. This includes information on market values, market forecasts, market segments/sectors, CAGR, market dollar values.

Each marketing table consists of numbers and figures from prior years. Figures are represented in millions and billion dollars. When a market table has a figure such as the folowing:

Digital Cameras - Market Value ( Year 2016 ) = $ 2,400

The dollar figure above indicates billion dollars ( 4 digits) and should be read as "the digital camera market was a $2.4 billion dollar market in North America in 2016 ". When a figure such the one above is in the thousands (with the comma), this is an indication the market is computed in billions of dollars.

When a figure is in the hundreds ( 000 ) such as the one below:

Telephone Headset Market - Market Value ( Year 2015 ) = $ 575.0

is an indication the market has a value of $575 million (not billion). This should be read as " the telephone headset market was a $575 million dollar market in 2015".

Another useful way to quickly analyze market data is when a number or figure is four digits ( $2,400 ) is an indication of billions. When a figure has 3 digits ($ 575.0) or less is an indication of millions of dollars.