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Reading Brand Shares.

Reading Brand Share Information using U.S. Business Reporter.

Brand share information is the share of a specific brand within a product category. Often, the same company can have different brands within the same product category. For instance, Procter & Gamble has different laundry detergent brands within the detergent category. Procter & Gamble laundry detergent brands encompass Tide, Cheer, Gain, among other brands.

At U.S. Business Reporter, we will record the percentage brand share of each brand within the product category. U.S. Business Reporter features the name of the company associated with each brand in all brand share product tables.

Brand share information can be important because it can gauge the performance of multiple brands for a company in the same category. It's also a performance metric to gauge the performance of competitor brands against a company's brands. This is especially acute when a competitor also has mulitple brands in the same product category.

Brand share information is similar to market share information but gives more details of specific brand and product categories.