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This User Guide is intended to briefly explain the features of Web Screen 4.0v. This guide enables the user to become familar and productive with our technology within a short period of time.

The Web Screen toolbox allows a user to search for specific criteria about a company, geographic area, financial, or operating performance. The toolbox is designed in a very easy-to -use format which automates your search for business data. The queries are pre-set which means a user can just enter the required information in a text box and have the information displayed in a column format similar to a spreadsheet program. You can customize data anyway you like from the "customize" links.

The "Title" column gives a user a clue on which type of link the data can cover. This column gives you an idea on what type of data you can enter from the link to the left of the column. We are continuing to add more and more varied types of queries in this section.