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What is PSIC ?
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PSIC (Premium Standard Industrial Classification), pronounced "P-SIC", is based on the federal government's SIC numbering system which allows researchers to better pinpoint the exact business of companies.

The SIC Numbering system is based on a four-digit numbering system but the PSIC numbering system is based on a six-digit numbering system for better target marketing by marketing managers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How to use the Premium Standard Industrial Classification System.

The PSIC system is based on the U.S. Federal Government Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Coding System of classifying industries. This system categorizes commercial establishments into 10 broad industry groups that are assigned 2-digit numbers. These industry groups are further broken down into groups of similar businesses and are assigned a 4-digit SIC Code. The first two digits describe the industry group of the business, while the third and fourth digits refer to their specific activity. For example: SIC 57 Home Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment Stores SIC 5731 Radio, Television & Electronics PSIC goes beyond the basic four digit classification system developed by the Federal government. Prospectus adds an additional two levels of detail to the 4-digit SICs to allow even more precise selection of prospects. For example, at the 6-digit level you can find: SIC 5731-11 Antennas SIC 5731-12 Video cameras, Recorders and Accessories Prospectus 6 -digit coding is available in all categories where it makes it easier to find the exact industry.

Similarly, in the restaurant industry , many companies are actually in many subsegments within the industry. There are hamburger/sandwich stores, pizza units, Mexican food units, Family dining, etc. These subsegments are categorized by a hyphen and an additional two-digit classification scheme to identify the exact business they compete within.

Since companies may do business in more than one industry category, they will have both a primary SIC code and one or more secondary SIC codes. For instance, cameras manufacturers often manufacture home electronics equipment. Therefore, if you wished to find all camera manufacturers, you would also want to look under home electronics companies as a Primary or Secondary 6- digit PSIC Code. This search technique would include camera manufacturers and home electronics manufacturers.

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A six digit PSIC system allows you to better target companies and develop better and deeper analysis of companies and industries. With the six digit SIC system you can compare companies and industries better for investment analysis, target companies better for sales and marketing campaigns such as direct mail, or compare the companies performance to the industry better.You can build custom profiles of companies and download the information directly into your computer system.

Below is AAR Corp whose 6 Digit PSIC number is "3230-11" which categorizes them as a manufacturer of aerospace equipment but exclusively for the military. The "-11" categorizes them as a military aerospace contractor.

AAR Corp.

CEO:David P. Storch
Industry: Aerospace/Defense
Headquarters:1100 North Wood Dale Rd.
|Wood Dale, IL. 60191
Stock SymbolAAR
PSIC NO.3230-11