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Logging In Issues.

QS. I entered my username and password after just subscribing but the site reverts me back to the main home page of the web site.


This is normal. This is an indication that our system accepted your username and password credentials. Our system DOES NOT notify you with a message for a proper log in. You can just begin using all the protected pages associate with your subscription from the home page. You do not need to log out when you've finished your work on U.S. Business Reporter. Our system will automatically lo you out after 20 minutes of inactivity.

QS. I logged in but the site rejects my username and password.


Most of the time this is caused by your subscription that has expired. You will need renew your subscription through the out payments page.

QS. Is there any downtime with the web site for system maintenance?


In most situations, we can perform system maintence while customers are directly on the site through the day and night. In rare instances, we would notify all custoemrs in advance at least 3 days before the down time occurred . Any downtime is normally at non-peak times ( late night/early morning) when our site traffice is lowest. Your access should be minamlly impaced by such an event. However, we do update many databases throughout the day which could cause a few databases to be inaccesable for 20 to 30 seconds.