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Site Access Issues.

Site access problems can be caused by a number of different issues . This includes the following:

  • Your IP address is not properly registered in our security database.
  • You are using an incorrect Username/Password combination.
  • You are attempting to access a section which your organization has not licensed.
  • You may not have cookies installed on your PC which may prevent accessing content.

All of the above issues can be cleared up by accessing you Administrative account or by contacting your Account Representative to reset access protocols if necessary.

To access you Adminstrative account go to one of the following:

1 ) : http://www.usbrn.com/extra.htm
2 ) : http://www.extranet.usbrn.com

You can change and update your IP addresses from the screen in your adminstrative account. You can also update and change your Username/Password combination from this administrative account.

2) If you would like to access a new section that is currently NOT licensed to your organization, Please contact your Account Manager about upgrading your license.

3 ) Some institutional accounts require username/passwords with cookies. Here's the process to re-install cookies into your browser: