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  Search Functions.  
  Search for Companies...  

When searching for a specific company name, only type the name of the company. It is not necessary to add Corporation, Inc. , Incorporated, or Company inside of the text box.

For example, a user that is searching for Microsoft Corporation would simply type "Microsoft" in the textbox - not Microsoft Corporation.

  Using Acronyms...  
  Many companies are identified by an acronym name such as IBM or AT&T. You should refrain from entering their acronym name and use their official company name when performing a company search. For instance, AT&T should be searched by the name "American Telephone & Telegraph".  
  Company Names with Pronouns...  
  Some company names begin with "The" such as "The Clorox Company. In this instance, you should not add "the" inside of the text box and just enter the company name "Clorox".