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Getting Started with U.S. Business Reporter.

U.S. Business Reporter has become one of the most comprehensive sources of business, industry , and economic information on the internet. This guide is designed for new users to U.S. Business Reporter to make finding information fast and satisfying. This guide will give you the basic information needed to get your research activities underway in a very time-efficient manner. Well, lets' begin.


The home page is the main directory to various parts of the web site. This should only be used as a "navigation tool" to reach the information you need.

As a subscriber you can log onto the web site by clicking the button "LOG ON" in the upper right corner of the home page when you enter. You could also simply type the url:


You can find industry reports under the industry section of the home page. The industry reports section encompasses areas from industry statistics/data, market share, market metrics (size), and company profiles. This is considered an industry report even though it may be in different sections of the web site. To make it easier on visitors , U.S. Business Reporter includes hyperlinks to these sections from the main industry report. This informaton can normally be found at the top of each industry report as follows:

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U.S. Business Reporter also includes a special section entitled " Industry Sectors" . This link can be found directly under the "Industry Reports" link. The Industry Sectors section has virtually the same industry information as the main Industry Report section. This section allows the reader to "drill-down " and view a specific section of the report without having to read an entire report to find a specific piece of information within a report.