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Access Problems

Troubleshooting Access Problems.

If you are experiencing trouble accessing U.S. Business Reporter after you have subscribed, you may need to adjust your browser settings to access the web site. You should accept cookies in your browser settings. Access information for Apple Macintosh Internet Explorer users is available.

Here's what you need to do:

With Microsoft Internet Explorer :

( 1 ) Go to "Tools / Internet Options "

( 2 ) Go to the "Security " tab

( 3 ) Move the slider to "MEDIUM"

( 4 ) Click "APPLY" or "OK"

Note: When you enter your Username and Password into the sign on page. The system automatically reverts back to the Home Page of U.S. Business Reporter by default. This is normal. This means that our system accepted the username and password you provided and you can begin accessing the protected pages.

You may also try this technique in Microsoft Internet Explorer:

( 1 ) Go to "Tool / Internet Options "

( 2 ) click "Trusted Sites " logo

( 3 ) click the " Sites " button.

( 4 ) Enter the URL: " http://www.usbrn.com " and / or "http://www.activemedia-guide.com"

( 5 ) click " APPLY " or " OK"

If you are behind a firewall at work, you can still access the site:

A firewall is a protocol within a network of computers ( or even an individual system) to limit access to only files and sites allowed by a system administrator. And a firewall can prevent or interefere with your ability to access the site especially if you accept cookies.

- If you have a personal firewall, you can set your firewall to accept traffic from U.S. Business Reporter. You need to use port 80 in the server.

If you are having trouble accessing U.S. Business Reporter from AOL.

Here's what you need to do :

1) Click on " MY AOL" icon.

2) Select "Preferences" from the drop down menu.

3) Click on the "WWW" icon.

4) Click on the 'Security " tab.

5) Click on the "Custom Level" button.

6) Scroll down through the various items to make sure all of the following are enabled:

- Cookies: Allow cookies that are stored on your computer.

- Java : Java Permissions - just make sure Disable Java is NOT selected.

- Scripting: Active Scripting, Scripting of Java Applets.

7) Click on "APPLY", then OK.

If you are using AOL 8.0 :

1) Go to "Settings"

2) Go to Internet Properties (WWW)

3) Go to "Privacy" tab

4) Go to "Advanced"

5) Accept all cookie options and clickon the "OK" button.

If you are using Apple Macintosh Internet Explorer :

1 ) Go to Edit / Preferences

2 ) Select "Receiving Files / Cookies " from the left pane.

3 ) From the when receiving cookies drop down box, choose "Never Ask "

4 ) Click "OK"

5 ) Exit U.S. Business Reporter site entirely.

6 ) Re-Enter the U.S. Business Reporter site by typing the URL in the browser box.


Note: Please do not use software programs such as "Cookie Cutter" and "Web Free" because this may block your access to U.S. Business Reporter entirely. You would need to uninstall these programs to use U.S. Business Reporter.
































































































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