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Electronic Subscription Licensing.

The U.S. Business Reporter Institutional Licensing Programs offers a profound reference and research source for staff employees. The Corporate Edition version is specifically for academic libraries and features a host of features not found in other versions. Please download our Corporate Library brochure which will give you details about our superior services to corporate libraries and information centers.The U.S. Business Reporter has become the premier research source for employees due to its ease-of-use and high quality, premium content.

Key Features include:

  • Industry Reports
  • Market Research Reports
  • Retail Reports
  • Economic Reports
  • Stock Reports
  • Bankruptcy Reports
  • and more

We have numerous pricing options and flexible financing arrangements exclusively for corporate libraries. We can send you a price quote within 2 business days. Request a price quote by email.Please telephone us with any additional questions at : 1-800-206-6831 Code: 08