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Financial Disclosures Guide.

Definitions and Explanations.


Companies listed in the U.S. Business Reporter data base are public companies that must report their figures to the Securities and Exchange commission. Private companies and cooperatives are excluded from the data base. Subsidiaries of foreign companies are excluded from the data base. Revenues reported include discontinued operations on a consolidated basis.

All figures for banks, savings and loan, financial services, insurance companies, and securities companies are reported in a separate area of the web site. Revenue for banks include interest and non-interest income. Insurance company revenue includes premiums from insurance policies. Securities firms includes commissions from stock trading.

Financial data from each year includes the fiscal or calendar year of the company. Fiscal year cut off times is May 31st of the year. For instance, if the fiscal year of a company ended between January 31st and May 31st of 2004. The financial data would be recorded in USBR data bases as 2003 financial data since the bulk of financial activity occurred in the 2003 year.

All financial data incorporates reclassifications and restatements when companies report such changes. This information is reflected in all median, ranking, performance, cross-sectional, and time series financial pivot tables on the U.S. Business Reporter web site.

Financial Ratios.

Financial ratios are compiled from the financial data we gather for all companies in the data base. Many companies restate and reclassify their financial data due to errors and mistatements. USBR adjusts financial ratios after companies reclassify their financial data to improve accuracy. Financial ratio data compares the fiscal year of all companies in a specific group even if their fiscal year ended at a different time that another companies fiscal year ended within the industry.


Assets shown include a company's year end total

Stockholders Equity

Stockholder's equity is the sum of all capital stock, paidd-in capital, and retained earnings at the company's year end fiscal period.