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Restaurant Research Methodology.

The USBR Restaurant Research data and statistics is compiled from both public and private resources to determine accurate sales per square foot data and systemwide unit economics.

Our information may not match with some publicly available information because we compile certain information on a fiscal year basis instead of a calendar year basis.

Since most restaurants are private companies, we based their total square footage as an average on a per unit basis. This gives the reader an accurate depiction of performance for each restaurant unit. However, we do exclude satellite units (e.g. restaurant units at ballparks, schools, etc.) because most restaurants are free-standing units which would be best for analysis. Furthermore, satellite units make up far less of a restaurants total systemwide units.

All data is collected by USBR from a wide range of independent sources and then enhanced through our proprietary computerized modeling system. In general, systemwide sales periods are compiled from July 1st to June 30 of each year. However, corporate-owned units for selected companies is compiled on a regular calendar year from Jan 1st to December 31st.